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Rowling Class - Year 3/4

Summer Term


Welcome to the final leg of our Year3/4 journey! You have worked so hard over the past year and this has shown in the amazing work that you have produced! One last term to go and it is a busy one but we can do this! 


This term, we will be exploring megacities and learning about exactly what is special about this gigantic urban areas. We will be looking at Baghdad and Brasilia and discussing how these cities have grown before examining the positives and negatives of these areas of human activity. In Science, we will be looking at living things and learning about nutrition and the importance of skeletons and muscles for movement, support and protection. 


Later in the year, we will be jumping back in our time machines again and exploring the Iron Age. We will be looking carefully at interesting artefacts from this time period to explore why this period of time was not a peaceful one. 


See you all there! 



Spring Term 

Hello, and welcome to the Spring Term! We can't WAIT to tell you about all the amazing things we are learning in the months ahead. 


Our Spring learning will take us all the way to Florida (not literally, sadly!), where we will be comparing and contrasting the climate and landscape of this American state to Plymouth as well as identifying why Florida is such a desired holiday destination. 


Later in the term, we will be stepping back in time to the Bronze Age and exploring a range of artefacts that help us to learn more about that period of History. We will then link this to our previous learning in our Stone Age unit and see the incredible advancements that were made between these two periods of History. 


Two exciting topics in a very exciting, action-packed half term!

Autumn Term

Hello Year Three and Four and welcome to your very first half term of the academic year! We have lots of exciting, amazing and incredible things that we will be getting up to and we cannot WAIT to get started!


Firstly, voyage all over the world in our Geography unit where we learn about how the UK and other countries can become more sustainable. Is there a way that we can use less coal? Can we harness the power of the wind and the sun to help us look after the world a bit better? 


Later, we will get in our time machines and travel, way, WAY back to the past in our Stone Age topic. We will be exploring weapons and tools of the time before we ourselves make our very own Stone Age weapons (not to be used, of course!).


Learn about these things, and much more, in your very first half term of the new academic year – we are very excited to have you come on this journey with us! Let’s go!


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‘Live hopefully, learn joyfully and love each other’


‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love’ (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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